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Name Variety Picture # of Flats
Ageratum High Tide Blue  Qty
Alternanthera Purple Knight Qty
Angelonia Serena Blue Qty
Angelonia Serena Lavender Pink  Qty
Angelonia Serena Purple  Qty
Angelonia Serena White  Qty
Begonia Gryphon  Qty
Begonia Dragon Wing Mix Qty
Begonia Prelude Rose Qty
Browallia  Amethyst  Picture Coming soon Qty
Browallia Starlight Blue  Qty
Canna Tropical Bronze Scarlet  Qty
Canna Tropical Red  Qty
Canna Tropical Rose  Qty
Canna Tropical Yellow  Qty
Carex Red Rooster Picture Coming soon Qty
Coleus Carefree Mix  Qty
Coleus Chocolate Mint  Qty
Coleus Emotions Passionate Picture Coming soon Qty
Coleus Fairway Rose Picture Coming soon Qty
Coleus Giant Exhibition Lime.  Qty
Coleus Kong Red  Qty
Coleus Rainbow Multicolor  Qty
Coleus Superfine Rainbow Mix  Picture Coming soon Qty
Coleus Versa Burg. to Green  Qty
Coleus Versa Crimson Gold  Picture Coming soon Qty
Coleus Versa Rose to Lime Picture Coming soon Qty
Coreopsis Early Sunrise  Picture Coming soon Qty
Cosmos Antiquity  Qty
Cosmos Pink Popsocks Picture Coming soon Qty
Cosmos Sonata Carmine  Qty
Cosmos Sonata Pink Blush  Qty
Cosmos Sonata White  Qty
Delphinium Blue Butterfly  Qty
Dianthus Bouquet Purple  Qty
Dianthus Diana Lavender Picotee Picture Coming soon Qty
Dianthus Ideal Select Mix  Qty
Dianthus Ideal Select Violet  Qty
Dichondra Emerald Falls  Qty
Dichondra  Silver Falls  Qty
Dusty Miller Silver Dust Qty
Godetia Satin Mix  Qty
Gomphrena All Around Purple  Qty
Helichrysum Silver Mist  Qty
Isotoma Tristar Deep Blue Qty
Iris Armagedon Qty
Iris Avalon Sunset Qty
Iris Baltic Star Qty
Iris Beverly Sills Qty
Iris Breakers Qty
Iris Edith Wolford Qty
Iris Mega Bucks Picture Coming soon Qty
Iris Picasso Moon Qty
Iris Rare Treat Qty
Iris Rosalie Figge Picture Coming soon Qty
Iris Saturday Night Live Qty
Iris Superstition Picture Coming soon Qty
Iris Swingtown Picture Coming soon Qty
Lavatera  Twins Hot Pink  Picture Coming soon Qty


Regatta Blue Slash Qty
Lobelia Regatta Lilac Picture Coming soon Qty
Lobelia Regatta Marine Blue Picture Coming soon Qty
Malva Zebrina  Qty
Millet Purple Majesty Picture Coming soon Qty
Mimulus Mystic Mix  Qty
Morning Glory Cameo Elegance Picture Coming soon Qty

Morning Glory

Star of Yelta Qty
Morning Glory Feather Rose Picture Coming soon Qty
Morning Glory Cardinal Climber Picture Coming soon Qty
Nasturtium Apricot Triffle Qty
Nasturtium Caribbean Crush Qty
Nasturtium Strawberry Ice Qty
Nemesia Poetry Blue Qty
Nemesia Poetry White Qty
Orna. Pepper Black Pearl Qty
Orna. Pepper Purple Flash Qty
Osteospermum  Akila Lavender Shades Qty
Osteospermum Akila Purple Qty
Osteospermum Akila White Picture Coming soon Qty
Pansy Fizzy Fruit Salad Mix  Qty
Papaver Summer Breeze Orang.  Qty
Papaver Summer Breeze Yellow  Qty
Pentas Graffiti Lipstick  Qty
Pentas Graffiti Rose  Qty
Pentas Graffiti Violet  Qty
Phlox  21st Century Pink  Qty
Phlox Palona Mix  Qty
Platycodon Astra Blue  Qty
Platycodon  Astra Pink  Qty
Platycodon Astra White  Qty
Salvia Victoria Blue  Qty
Sanvitalia  Million Suns  Qty
Snapdragon Liberty Classic Mix  Qty
Snapdragon Liberty Classic Yellow  Qty
Snapdragon  Tahiti Mix  Qty
Snapdragon  Tahiti Yellow  Qty
Snapdragon  Twinny Peach  Qty
Snapdragon Twinny Rose Picture Coming soon Qty
Snapdragon Twinny Violet Qty
Stock  Hot Cake Hot Rose  Qty
Stock  Hot Cake Purple  Qty
Stock  Hot Cake White  Qty
Verbena  Quartz Blue  Qty
Verbena Quartz Carmine Rose  Qty
Verbena  Quartz Purple  Qty
Vinca Med. Hot Rose  Qty
Vinca Mediterranean Red Picture Coming soon Qty
Vinca Mediterranean Straw.  Qty
Vinca Mediterranean White  Qty
Vinca Pacifica Apricot  Qty
Vinca Pacifica Burgandy Halo  Qty
Vinca Pacifica Orange Qty
Vinca Pacifica Polka Dot  Qty
Vinca Pacifica Punch  Qty
Vinca Titan Bubble Gum Mix Picture Coming soon Qty
Vinca Titan Burgandy Picture Coming soon Qty
Vinca Titan Pure White  Qty
Vinca Titan Rose  Qty
Zinnia Crystal Yellow  Qty
Zinnia Dreamland Mix  Qty
Zinnia Dreamland Red  Qty
Zinnia Dreamland Rose  Qty
Zinnia Magellan Cherry  Picture Coming soon Qty
Zinnia  Magellan Orange  Qty
Zinnia  Magellan Mix  Picture Coming soon Qty
Zinnia Profusion Dbl. Fire  Qty
Zinnia Profusion Yellow  Qty
Zinnia Zahara Double Cherry  Qty
Zinnia  Zowie!  Qty

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